By Janelle Grodsky
Updated Dec 09, 2015 @ 7:30 am
Scream Queens Lead
Credit: Patti Perret/FOX

Did you catch the season finale of Scream Queens? More importantly: Did you correctly guess the identity of the other red devil? All was revealed on Tuesday night's episode!

To recap what we already know: Boone (Nick Jonas) is one of the red latex–wearing killers born in that Kappa bathtub 20 years ago. Pete (Diego Boneta) reveals to Grace (Skyler Samuels) that he is also involved. He followed the red devil one night after a killing and discovered it was Boone. Boone tells Pete his motives and the two realize that their mission is the same: to take down the evils of Kappa Kappa Tau. He joins up with them and agrees to be part of their cause, killing one of the Dollar Scholar fraternity members and shooting Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) with a crossbow. But when Pete realizes that he is causing more harm than good, he ends up stabbing Boone to stop the killings altogether.

Grace is rightfully disgusted by Pete's actions and tries to get as far away from him as possible. But when he tells her that the other red devil is one of her sorority sisters, her ears perk up and she stays. He says that he DNA-tested all of the Kappas to find out who the other bathtub baby was, but just before he reveals the name, the murderer pops out of Pete's closet, wearing the infamous red devil costume, and stabs him to death. Grace lunges towards the killer and the two fist fight, until Grace is pinned down. Instead of murdering Grace, the red devil knocks her out.

Scream Queens 1
Credit: Patti Perret/FOX

Meanwhile, Chanel has made national news for sending a scathing email to the Kappa members about their lack of help in offing Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis). One of the sisters forwards the email on and next thing Chanel knows, she's being followed by reporters looking for a sound bite. Her only solution to solve the problem? Kill herself.

Chanel orders a venomous snake to do the deed, but luckily Zayday (Keke Palmer) puts a stop to it and sets her straight. She comforts Chanel and says that the two of them should rebuild Kappa. But then, a red devil barges into the room and attacks them. Zayday knocks the killer in the head with a chair and they pull off the mask to reveal ... a random man? He's panicked and claims that a "she" made him do it. He says that he simply delivered a pizza to their house when someone knocked him out and strapped him with explosives. Before they can do anything about it, the man explodes all over Kappa house.

Unfazed by another murder in their house, Chanel decides to go on an apology tour to right her wrongs (and better her appearance), starting with an apology to the previous Kappa president, Melanie Dorkus, who was seared by the tanning spray poison last year.

Meanwhile, Grace and her father Wes (Oliver Hudson) try to figure out why the remaining red devil spared her life. They know that the answer lies with Dean Munsch, so Grace tells her father to take one for the team and make her one of his infamous playlists. He visits the dean and seduces her, while Grace and Zayday hack into her computer to look through the school records of their sorority sisters. They find one sister with a suspicious transcript: a falsified identity, a fake home address and high school, and classes like human anatomy and sewing basics. This must be the other baby in the bathtub.

They leave to find the other Kappa sisters, who are visiting Melanie Dorkus on Chanel's apology tour. Instead of apologizing though, Chanel tries to stab Melanie with a scissor, accusing her of being the murderer seeking revenge on Kappa for burning her face off. Just before she can stab her though, Grace and Zayday arrive and tell them that the killer is in fact Hester (Lea Michele).

Back at the house, they find Hester in Chanel's closet with a stiletto stabbed in her eye socket. They assume she's dead. But how can she be one of the red devil killers if she's dead, Pete's dead, Boone's dead, and Gigi's dead? Hester unexpectedly jolts awake and points the finger at Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin), claiming that she is actually the remaining red devil.

Just when you think the case has been solved, the second half of the finale begins, fast-forwarding to January 2016. Zayday is the new president of KKT and Grace is her vice president. Standing beside them is Hester, the new secretary of the house. The three of them, alongside Dean Munsch, prepare the house for rush and announce that they're accepting all pledges again.

Then Hester's inner monologue kicks in, giving us the answer we've been waiting for the entire season! She is the other baby from the bathtub death 20 years ago. She stabbed herself in the eye with the stiletto and framed No. 5 for it. Now all of the Chanels are in prison for her crimes. But first, her back story: She grew up in the mental institute with her twin brother, Boone. The two of them were raised by Gigi, who was sad about her sister's death and taught them all about the evils of Kappa Kappa Tau. They lived in the asylum until they went to Wallace University, to exact revenge on the entire Greek system that caused them so much grief. Hester meets with Dean Munsch in hopes of getting accepted into the school. The dean lets her in despite the falsified transcripts because, according to her, the school needs to fill their quota of students with spinal problems.

Hester flashes back to the aftermath of her stiletto stabbing. She convinces police chief Denise Hemphill that not only is Chanel No. 5 the murderer, but also Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd), who is the daughter of Charles Manson and has split personalities, and Chanel Oberlin, who has had a vendetta against the pledges since day one. Hemphill arrests all three of them.

Cut to May 2016. According to Dean Munsch, order on campus is restored. The Chanels were denied bail, tried in court, and eventually convicted of murder.

A memorial is built on campus for all the victims of the serial killings, donated by the Radwell family and inscribed by Chad (Glen Powell) himself. Dean Munsch confronts Hester at the memorial about being the true mastermind behind all the murders. The dean will always remember the face of that baby and promises to bring Hester to justice for her crimes. But Hester has a different plan. She reminds Dean Munsch of her own crimes: covering up Hester's mother's death and killing her ex-husband. If the dean turns Hester in, then Hester promises to reveal the dean's crimes as well. They call it even.

After the Chanels' guilty verdict, they are sent to an insane asylum in lieu of prison. Shockingly, they fit right in and set the place up like their own sorority. Chanel is even voted house president. Then one night, as Chanel is settling into bed (the head bed, of course), a red devil (Hester, we know it's you) appears above her, wielding a knife. We probably know what happens next.

We can't wait to see what creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan come up with next season!