By Janelle Grodsky
Updated Nov 11, 2015 @ 7:30 am
Scream Queens
Credit: Patti Perret/FOX

With only four episodes left until the finale of Scream Queens, the show is finally revealing some of its mysteries. For example, Nick Jonas's character, Boone, is back and boy does he have a secret up his red latex sleeve!

But let's start from the beginning: Jamie Lee Curtis's character finds herself in a suspiciously similar situation as her mother's famous shower scene in Psycho. "I saw that movie 50 times!" Dean Munsch exclaims when the red devil murderer attacks her in the shower. She sneaks out just in time and challenges him to a duel, but when another devil appears alongside an accomplice wearing a Supreme Court Justice Scalia mask, Munsch is outnumbered. But, with her martial arts background, she ends up kicking their butts and they all run out.

Scream Queens
Credit: Patti Perret/FOX

Grace (Skyler Samuels) pays a visit to Dean Munsch's office and asks her to finally reveal the truth about the baby in the bathtub. Munsch tells Grace nothing but eventually gives her a file on the girl who died in the bathtub. Grace is shocked that the name in the file isn't her mother's name. Munsch calls her out for selfishly wanting to solve the murders just so she can find out the truth about her mother.

Grace later meets up with Pete (Diego Boneta) and the two decide that the girl in the bathtub must have something to do with the Shady Lane hag, whom they believe took the baby after the mother died. They visit the insane asylum to see if she was ever admitted and eventually speak to the woman who paints everyone (remember in the last episode when she painted Grace and Pete?). She shows them a portrait of Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) with two babies, claiming she is the hag from Shady Lane. Grace later confronts Gigi about it, who says it's not her and that she knows nothing about it. Freaked out, she goes to her dad, who ultimately sides with Gigi and thinks Grace is overreacting.

Meanwhile, back at the Kappa Kappa Tau house, Denise Hemphill moves in and the Chanels offer her $3 million to prove that Zayday (Keke Palmer) is the murderer. While she tries to find evidence against Zayday, the red devil strikes again. This time on candle vlogger and KKT pledge, Jennifer (Breezy Eslin).

With another murder on campus, Dean Munsch announces that Wallace University will be closed until further notice. Chanel (Emma Roberts), angered about this ruining her school year as KKT co-president, hires detectives from Scotland Yard to prove that Zayday and Grace are the murderers. When they later turn up with no evidence against the two pledges, Chanel can't believe it. But what they do offer her is even more pertinent: information on Grace's mother, who has a lengthy criminal record, they claim.

When Grace returns to the Kappa house, Chanel shows her the file and tells her the ugly truth about her mother's past. Grace's mom was indeed in the house that night 20 years ago, but was not the sorority sister who died in the bathtub. Instead she slept with Grace's dad around that time and nine months later, Grace was born. Later, her mother turned into a criminal, drunk, and drug addict, who died in a drunk-driving accident.

Denise takes over as "House Mother" and starts wearing Chanel No. 5's (Abigail Breslin) clothes. She pulls Chanel aside and forces her to apologize to Grace for being so mean about her mother and threatens to sleep with Chad again if she doesn't. Chanel obliges and later apologizes to Grace in the coffee shop.

At the end of the episode, Nick Jonas's Boone arrives, wearing a disguise while lifting weights at the gym. We've been waiting so patiently for his return! He has a phone conversation and claims to be tired from all those murders—so does that make him one of the red devils? Talking to his partner on the other end of the line, they decide to take out their accomplice Gigi next, who's getting in the way of their end goals ... and also looked ridiculous in the Justice Scalia costume.

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