Scott Eastwood
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

When you've got a last name like Eastwood, people pay attention. Scott Eastwood is a testament to that, but the actor and son of Clint Eastwood has much more to him than just a famous surname. The star of April's The Longest Ride opened up to Treats! magazine about his name, as well as his rise to fame and life outside Hollywood (preview: it involves owning a bar and being shirtless).

As it turns out, Eastwood didn't rely on his famous last name to get started. "I just wanted to see if I could do it on my own. You realize sort of quickly it doesn’t really matter," Eastwood tells Treats! "But the reality is people are going to say whatever the f— they want anyway! You can’t control that. At some point you say, 'F— it. That’s my dad’s last name, that’s my legacy.'"

But despite the actor's rising fame, the California native prefers to live life outside of Tinseltown. "I try and keep as far away as possible. I live a very simple life. I’m not interested in celebrity or fame. I just want to work," he says. Work has a few meanings for Eastwood. The actor describes himself as a "serial entrepreneur," adding that he owns a bar in San Diego where he lives and has been trying to launch a whiskey company. And in his spare time? Eastwood's a fan of working out, flying helicopters, and surfing. "I grew up surfing and hanging out on the beach, so I’ve sort of always liked being shirtless." Hey, we're not complaining.