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To be blunt, it's really hot.

I went to interview Scott Eastwood on a Friday last month at the Empire State Building, where he was promoting his new campaign with Davidoff Cool Water. I told a few people where I was going before heading downtown, and everyone had the same reaction: Damn, you're lucky, he's a good looking man. Not to call anyone out or anything, but that group included my fellow colleagues at InStyle, my mother (who is in her 60s and went on to tell all her girlfriends at spinning), and even my husband (who came to this conclusion after scrolling through dozen of pictures of Scott shirtless that he found on Google Images).

It's my job to interview stars all the time, so to me, this was just another one to add to the list. When I walked into the room that Friday, I knew he was going to be charming and personable. I had met him earlier this year at InStyle's Golden Globes after party, where he was dancing up a storm. He's the ultimate chill dude who likes to take shots and go fishing, as I learned back then. A regular bro, if you will, who just happens to be in movies like The Longest Ride and the upcoming Suicide Squad.

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Out of a party environment and one-on-one in a room alone, we discussed his campaign for Cool Water, his love of the oceans, and how he's pumped to go on a deep-sea dive later this year. Then, the conversation turned to working out. His campaign featured his washboard abs front and center, so we wondered how he got them.

That's when it got interesting.

"I’m really into functional stuff that’s less about going to the gym, and more about doing muscle confusion, similar to cross-training," he said. "For me, it’s not about being big and bulky. It’s just being lean and mean. The other day we did these things called Man Makers. I can actually show you what they are."

He then got up, rolled his sleeves back and went into plank position.

He continued (now he's on the floor, and I am watching from my vantage point on the couch in front of him, mouth agape): "Take 40-pound weights, drop to the ground, push-up, inverse row, inverse row, hop up, bicep curl, press. Do 10 of those, then go right into 10 pull-ups, and then run a quarter of a mile. Do five rounds of that without stopping."

"Aren’t you out of breath?" I asked, watching his muscles bulge out of his navy Gant Rugger shirt. I tried to draw out the moment even longer, itching to see one more push-up.

"Yes," he replied. "But that's what I love about it."

At this point, I reached for my phone to capture a video of his impromptu get-sexy session, but by the time I grabbed it, he was already off the floor, dusting off his thighs, and back in the chair to continue our interview. Now the image of his body hovering over the floor while talking about how he gets his muscles so ripped is only a memory that lives in my brain.

When I got home later that night, my husband asked me how the interview went. I told him that Scott Eastwood did push-ups in front of me. And he said, "Go figure. You have quite a job." Yep, just another day at the office.