Scott Eastwood Is Using His Hot Body to Save the Oceans

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Scott Eastwood was fully clothed when we met him at the Empire State Building last week. But inside the 17th floor VIP room of the fragrance giant Coty's New York headquarters, he was surrounded by blown-up images of himself shirtless, as well as a 40-second video that played on a loop and showed him sexily swan-diving into the seas of Oahu, Hawaii, and butterfly swimming through the waters. But it wasn't for his vanity, he insisted—it was all for a good cause.

That's because the 29-year-old Californian is the new face of the fresh-scented Davidoff Cool Water cologne, a job he took over from his pal, the late Paul Walker. While the gig includes flexing his chiseled abs and biceps for the camera—which he does very well, mind you—that's only one part of it.

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What really made the Longest Ride heartthrob get on board was Davidoff Cool Water's partnership with the National Geographic Society, which supports the organization's Pristine Seas initiative to help protect fragile marine environments through education and research expeditions around the world.

This season, the two brands celebrate their fourth year of the Love the Ocean campaign, which encourages people to spread the message of ocean conservation and preservation. As an avid diver, surfer, swimmer, and ocean lover, Eastwood wanted to be a part of it.

Scott Eastwood
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To me, the ocean is everything," the San Diego resident told InStyle. "So many people don't know what is going on in the ocean. I just don't want people to be so shortsighted about its future." There's real change already in the works: Starting now, Davidoff promised to protect 10,000 square meters of ocean through the Pristine Seas project for every bottle sold. Get yours for $65 at

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Later this year, Eastwood said he plans to join one of the Pristine Seas expeditions in the Galapagos Islands as part of the ongoing efforts to protect water and life around the world. "I am filming Suicide Squad right now, so I had to move the date, but I'm definitely going," he said. "I'll be diving and doing a lot of readings underwater. I can't wait to get my hands dirty." In the meantime, he's promoting the #lovetheocean hashtag on social media to spread the word, which you can, too.

For a discussion about Cool Water, he definitely loved talking about the water part. But what about what he finds "cool"? For that, we spouted off a series of rapid-fire questions about what hits home on his cool-meter. Check out Eastwood's list below—and in case you need one more sexy image of this guy, just imagine him smiling saying each one.

Coolest Place I've Ever Been

"That's a toss-up between Australia and South Africa. There are so many endless beaches in Australia. Jeffreys Bay is pretty amazing and up the east coast. It's pretty unbelievable and untouched."

Coolest Beach I've Ever Visited

"I loved the beaches in Indonesia. Uluwatu Beach in Bali is probably one of the most beautiful places."

Scott Eastwood
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Coolest Song I Know All the Words to

"Let's be honest, I don't really know all the words to any of the songs I think I know all the words to. Every time I'm singing along to a Taylor Swift song in the car, whoever I'm with is like, 'Those aren't the words, Scott.'"

Coolest Movie Ever

"Any of my dad's [Clint Eastwood] movies. I especially like Unforgiven and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I still watch them now. I love them."

Coolest Store I Like to Go to

"I like Bass Pro Shops—1,000 percent. That's like the ultimate guy store and one of my favorite places in the world. It has fishing gear, hunting gear, everything you want. You can try stuff. You can try like jigs, poppers, lures, and water tanks. It's unbelievable."

Coolest Car I've Ever Driven

"I'm a truck guy. Ford. My black Ford F-150 pickup. I'm not really a sports car guy and I don't really like fancy guy stuff. I'd much rather have like toys like a new boat or a new compound bow."

Coolest Thing I Like to Eat

"Green tea ice cream. I love to get it at sushi places."

Watch his campaign video here:

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