Scott Eastwood
Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

There’s a boyish charm to 29-year-old Hollywood hunk Scott Eastwood, and that kid-like energy is showcased in a new Instagram post. On Wednesday Clint Eastwood's handsome son shared an impressive video of himself on the set of his upcoming action flick, Overdrive. Apparently he doesn’t require a stunt double: In the clip, the actor runs across the screen and effortlessly hops onto and over a red car.

“I’m so blessed to get to do this job. To tell stories for the world to see. Some days I pinch myself,” he wrote in the 'gram's caption. “As a young kid I watched my dad jump over cards and get to do these fun stunts. Now I am. Wow. So lucky. Feel like a kid. #overdrive.” Watch the video here:

The new film role seems to come with plenty of juicy, unforgettable antics—not only did Eastwood gift us with action behind-the-scene video but he has been sharing glimpses of high-speed car chases and his just-as-magnetic co-stars: