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Just because your father is an Oscar-winning director it doesn't always mean that you'll get a part in his movies, according to Scott Eastwood. The actor, who stars in the latest Nicholas Sparks film, The Longest Ride, appeared on the Today show this morning with leading lady Britt Robertson, and discussed what it's like to audition for your dad—when your father is Clint Eastwood.

Scott, who has appeared in a number of Clint Eastwood films including Flags of Our Fathers and Gran Torino, said that he had to audition for each role and has auditioned for parts and not gotten them. So how does that go down? "There's no conversation. You just don't get a phone call back," Scott said, while laughing. Good thing he has a sense of humor about it!

However, it seems that Scott prefers being treated like any other working actor despite having such a well-connected dad. "Twelve years ago when I started auditioning in the business I used my mother's last name just to see if I could do it for me," he told Guthrie (Scott's mother is Jacelyn Reeves). He said he realized early on that he needed to go out and audition just like everybody else.

Scott's methods seem to have paid off: His plays the main character in The Longest Ride, which opens this Friday. And appearing in a film based on a Nicholas Sparks novel film hits close to the heart for Scott, who admitted he cries every time he watches The Notebook.

Watch Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson's full interview here:

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