Score! Show Your Team Spirit With These Football-Inspired Manicures

Football Nail Art - Denver Broncos - Seattle Seahawks
Photo: Greg Marino, Michael Chini, Brian Henn, Time Life Digital Studios

It's official -- the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! While the boys on each team are surely training for the big event on February 2nd, we're working out our nail art skills to show our support in the trendiest way possible. InStyle teamed up with MVP manicurist Madeline Poole, who has lacquered up the famous fingers of Rose Byrne, Kate Bosworth, and Ke$ha among many others, to create football-inspired manicures that are easy to try on yourself, and even easier to customize. "Just pick the two or three most dominant colors from the team's jersey," she advised. If you're a nail art rookie, Poole recommends using the base color on all ten digits, and having one accent nail decked out in the design. "That way, you can focus on getting one nail perfect, since lines tend to be a little difficult," she added. Scroll down to see Poole's step-by-step tips on tackling each pattern now, then see more of her Super Bowl manicure ideas on page 70 of our February issue.

SEAHAWK STRIPES:1. Because this pattern involves a few layers of color, Poole recommends splitting the nail into three-quarter sections -- the dark base, teal tip, and the white line intersecting the navy portion.2. Paint on a solid base coat of the navy blue, then follow with a sweep of deep green across the tip. "Make sure the color you choose is opaque enough to cover the layer underneath," said Poole. If it isn't, simply reverse the two shades for a different spin on the design.3. With a white striping polish and a steady hand, split the lower half of the nail into two even sections by painting a crisp horizontal line, slowly building up the thickness. While many may opt to use tape to get the lines just right, Poole advises against it. "Let each area dry completely, then go back and fix the edges if they aren't exact," she said. "If there are any inconsistencies, I'll either dab on some polish over the area, or fix it with a nail art brush."

BRONCO BANDS:1. Pick out your boldest royal blue lacquer and layer on two even base coats.2. Starting from the top of the nail, use a thin white striping brush to paint the color in a straight line spanning from the tip to the cuticle. "Being able to pull the color downward from your tip makes vertical lines a little easier than horizontal lines," said Poole. Build up the intensity slowly until the stripe is as thick as you want.3. Use the same method and an orange art polish to paint the thin citrus band in the center, and finish with an ample swipe of top coat. MORE:• Alice + Olivia's Rhinestone Super Bowl HelmetGet Zooey Deschanel's Daisy Nail Art!Beyonce’s Super Bowl 2013 Performance Outfit

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