The Scoop Behind the Fab "Not-So-Done-Up" Weekend Looks Of Last Night's Mad Men

Photo: Courtesy of AMC

What did costume designer Janie Bryant think of last night's Mad Men episode? "I loved it, I loved it. So many things have happened! I thought it was an amazing episode," Bryant exclusively tells us. "The episode was filled with so many different silhouettes of the period," she adds. So we were treated to a profusion of different looks—especially because "the episode took place over a weekend, so it was all about creating the weekend costumes for the cast too," says Bryant of our favorite characters' not-so-done-up looks.

There were so many visual elements in episode six that Bryant had a hard time picking her favorite. "I have lots of favorites," she says. But one standout piece was the baby blue dress Peggy wore to the office (pictured above). "That is a vintage dress and it’s one of my favorite costumes in her closet," she tells us. "I love the color on her but it’s also an important piece for that scene and it's a very vulnerable color for her," she adds.

To see more office wear and weekend wear favorites from last night's episode, browse through the gallery where you'll find an exclusive tell-all straight from Bryant on each look.

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