Scientist Moves NASA Shirts From Boys' Section to Girls', Twitter Goes Wild

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One scientist made Wonder Woman very proud. After Kate Hinde, an associate professor at a university in Phoenix, Arizona saw Gal Gadot kick butt on-screen, she decided to pick up a Wonder Woman T-shirt for her young cousin, but when she stopped at her local Target, there was no merchandise in sight.

"Once I realized there wasn't what I was looking for, I started to survey what was there," Hinde told Today Parents. "And the whole time, the boys NASA T-shirts were visible from nearly all of the sections I was walking through." When she compared what she was seeing in the girls' section versus the boys' section, she took it upon herself to add a bit of "science pizzazz" to the girls' section by moving a few NASA shirts so they were front and center.

Hinde took to Twitter to share what she had done. "Did I just take a bunch of NASA tank tops from the boys section & put them in the girls section? Yes. Yes I did," she posted along with a photo of the NASA shirts in the girls' section.

The tweet proceeded to go viral, resonating with many. It received over 26 thousands retweets and 132 thousands likes. Pretty incredible.

After receiving so much attention, Hinde responded to both her critics and allies with a blog post, titled "Portrait of an Unexpected Twitter Storm," in which she goes into more detail about her decision.

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"From the home, to the classroom, to the store, our culture reinforces limitations on children due to their sex/gender. As a scientist who works on inclusivity in academia and science, I spend a lot of time thinking about the pipeline," she wrote. "I am particularly concerned about the scarcity and disparity of science & science fiction oriented toys, clothes, and outreach for girls. A situation that reinforces, and is reinforced by, widespread gender norms."

Read all of her comments on her blog.

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