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Celebs Wearing Face Masks - Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Haven't you heard? Applying your own clay mask is soooo 2013. The latest trend to inspire beauty-induced hysteria is the sheet mask. Not familiar? Sheet masks, also known as cloth masks, are conveniently pre-packed face masks that come complete with eye, nose and mouth holes. You simply place it over your face, leave it for ten minutes, and voila! Newly refreshed and hydrated skin is yours. Having tested a few masks myself, I can tell you the opportunity to take a selfie is simply irresistible, proven by the fact that even your favorite celebrities couldn't help themselves. Time to check out their shameless skin care selfies.

1. Chrissy Teigen, @chrissyteigen (pictured above)

2. Kelly Osbourne, @kellyosbourne

Celebs Wearing Face Masks - Kelly Osbourne
Credit: Instagram/@kellyosbourne

3. Alexa Chung, @chungalexa

Celebs Wearing Face Masks - Alexa Chung
Credit: Instagram/@chungalexa

8. January Jones, @januaryjones

Celebs Wearing Face Masks - January Jones
Credit: Instagram/@januaryjones

Whether you want to try out the trend for the skin benefits, just to add another silly—and kind of scary—selfie to your collection, or both; know we're right there with you.