Scarlett Johansson's Movie Star Workout

Scarlett Johansson's Movie Star Workout - Iron Man 2
Photo: Andreas Fechner/WireImage;Courtesy of IMBD

We've always been in awe of Scarlett Johansson's figure, but the actress has gone from curvy to totally cut in preparation for her role as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. The secret to her amazing transformation? "It was many, many, hours, days, and months of stunt training and strength training, but it's fun because I had a goal. The goal was the Lycra catsuit," Johansson told People. Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau says that we'll see just how much Scarlett's hard work paid off when the action flick hits screens in 2010. "She likes food [but] she was definitely on a low carb diet and trained really hard," Favreau told us at Entertainment Weekly's annual Comic-Con party this weekend. "When we finally shot the sequences she was training for, they came off without a hitch. I think people are going to be very impressed."

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