Scarlett Johansson LEAD
Credit: Walter McBride/FilmMagic

"'Have you been to the gynecologist yet?'" asked Scarlett Johansson, recounting a question posed to her by her mother back when she was a teenager. During her empassioned speech at the Women's March in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, the now-32-year-old actress recalled that after noticing "a my body," her mother asked if she'd seen a doctor.

The customarily private actress went on to recount that she had, in fact, seen one. At age 15, she sought out the counsel of Planned Parenthood in New York City where she lived.

"My clinician...was compassionate and professional and told me she was happy to treat me for regular checkups, and when the time came, for STD and cancer screenings. No judgment. No questions asked. Planned Parenthood provided a safe place where I could be treated with gentle guidance,” Johansson recalled of the experience.

She also entreated the president to respect the rights of all women, "Support me, support my sister, support my mother, support my best friend, and all of our girlfriends."

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Johansson is clearly a force of nature offscreen as much as on.