Scandal's Katie Lowes Dishes On What We Can Expect from the New Episodes

Katie Lowes
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Scandal’s mid-season premiere is mere hours away, but if you can't wait until Thursday to get your fix, we have some good news. Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn on the show, gave us a few hints of what we can expect in the new episodes.

"I think Quinn has a really messed up love life, but because before every guy she was with died. I think that she has a really fine line between pleasure and pain," she told InStyle at the Lollipop Theater Pre-SAG party in Los Angeles. "She can’t be with a normal dude. I don’t see Quinn running off into the sunset with a lawyer or doctor. I think Huck and Charlie are really the only two people who understand who she is."

As for her opinions on who Olivia (Kerry Washington) should be with, Lowes goes back and forth just like we all do every episode. "I personally flip-flop like the rest of the fans. Every episode I feel differently. It’s so crazy to feel all of these complicated feelings because Fitz is a married man and that’s not ok. That’s why Shonda Rhimes is a genius—she makes everything very gray."

And if you were worried about Jake (Scott Foley) possibly being killed off, you're not alone on that, either. "The way you feel about Jake is how we all feel about ourselves all the time. Once Dan Bucatinsky’s character died we all lost our mind. This is a show like other amazing shows where lead characters die. That is a possibility and a plot point. Shonda writes her characters honestly. We’re always scared and go into every table read like, 'Oh God, please let me have a job.'"

Only time will tell what happens! Don't forget to tune in to the mid-season premiere of Scandal tonight at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

—With reporting by Heather Newgen

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