Janelle Grodsky
Oct 23, 2015 @ 9:30 am

It was Olivia Pope's turn to be fixed on last night's Scandal. With all the negative press surrounding her affair with the president, Kerry Washington's character needed damage control and enlisted the help of D.C.'s other famous fixer, Leo Bergen. His advice? Become a woman of the people!

Their first task in making this happen was to normalize her wardrobe a bit. That's why costume designer Lyn Paolo dressed her in a Mossimo anorak from Target, an Ann Taylor sweatshirt, J Brand jeans, a Nordstrom scarf, and Ugg boots (pictured above). "We've never seen Olivia like this before," Paolo tells InStyle. "She goes to the grocery store and she's pretending to be someone else in that moment. She's trying to be the 'everywoman.'"


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Throughout the episode, Olivia stuck to the fixer's plan and wore T-shirts and jeans whenever she went out in public. But as soon as she was in private, her tune changed. "When she's back at OPA [Olivia Pope & Associates], she takes off her jacket and throws on one of her wine and popcorn cardigans," Paolo explains. "Now she's the real Olivia Pope. She's in private and can be herself again." In this scene, she wore a Neiman Marcus cashmere cardigan over her Gap tee, J Brand jeans, and Ugg boots.


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On a different day, she wore a very similar Gap T-shirt with J Brand jeans in public, but threw on another cardi as soon as she got to the White House residence. "She comes back from being out in public, pretending she's like everyone else, but then comes home and throws on her Ralph Lauren cashmere cardigan," Paolo says. Even though she's trying to improve her outward image, she's still the same Olivia Pope when she's not in the public eye.

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