Scandal Fashion Recap: Why Everyone's in Red, White, and Blue

Scandal Fashion Recap
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The Scandal election is heating up! On last night's episode, the candidates battle it out for the coveted endorsement of Florida's governor. Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield), who's in Susan Ross's camp, plays dirty by keeping the president's plane grounded so that Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is forced to miss the governor's dinner (and therefore miss out on the endorsement). While Abby and Olivia's personal war wages on, Mellie takes matters into her own hands and addresses the president himself about the plane debacle. Has Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope lost her edge? After Andrew's murder, she's off her game and it shows throughout this whole episode, especially when she's not able to handle (and help!) her presidential candidate.

There's one major thing about this episode that we noticed though, and we're sure you did too: "Because of the election, there will be a lot more red, white, and blue palettes for the rest of the season," Scandal costume designer, Lyn Paolo, explains to InStyle. "We have a patriotic theme running throughout the episode, while still keeping each person distinct in their own style."

For Olivia's first look (pictured above), she too wears some red and white (with her signature Gladiator black though). "We were trying to echo the color theme in her blouse, but it has a higher neck than she's used to wearing and we've never used gingham on her," Paolo says of her Giorgio Armani top and blazer that she wears with Ralph Lauren pants. "It's the beginning of the battle between Olivia and her old friend Abby so we kept her a bit more closed off than usual."

Scandal Fashion Recap
© 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Even Mellie sticks to the election color palette, wearing a red Escada outfit that she pairs with nude Jimmy Choo pumps. "Of course, it's Mellie red," Paolo says. "When Fitz comes out of his plane wearing his blue Air Force One jacket and blue shirt underneath, Mellie had to be in red. We're really trying to echo the flag in everything because of the election."

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