Scandal Fashion Recap: The Reason Olivia Pope Has Only One Outfit Change

Scandal Fashion Recap
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There were several OMG moments on last night's episode of Scandal. For one, in the aftermath of killing former Veep Andrew Nichols, Olivia (Kerry Washington) stays at Papa Pope's house to recover from her PTSD. You read that right—she stays at Rowan's! Second: Jake (Scott Foley) and Vanessa reschedule their wedding for the following day and Olivia's detective work goes into overdrive as she tries to get to the bottom of their sham marriage (with a little jealousy mixed in as well). And for the most shocking moment: Olivia wears only one Pope-esque outfit during the whole episode (gasp!).

Scandal Fashion Recap
© 2016 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

"She's struggling throughout this one so she's not looking like the Olivia Pope we're used to seeing," costume designer Lyn Paolo tells InStyle about her lack of wardrobe choices this week. "At the end, she has to pull herself together though."

Because Olivia spends most of her time in bed (or pretending to be in bed), she only has one real outfit and it's for Jake's wedding. She wears an Oscar de la Renta dress with an Escada jacket and pairs them with Tom Ford shoes and a Jimmy Choo purse. "We kept her in muted tones for this look," Paolo says. "It's gold but it's not a bright gold. She wears a black jacket with it too. It's just a sad time for Olivia right now."

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