Shondaland fans cheered when news broke last week that we’ll see a crossover this season between Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder, bringing heroines Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) together for the first time. And according to Lyn Paolo, the costume designer for both ABC shows, the crossover will last for more than just one episode.

“It’s two episodes. We’re finishing up the second one,” she told InStyle over the phone on Wednesday. “It really impacted the whole arc of the story we were telling.”

HTGAWM Scandal Crossover
Credit: violadavis/Instagram, kerrywashington/Instagram

Paolo also gave a few hints as to the plot of those powerhouse episodes, and it seems Olivia Pope has left the world of D.C. behind—at least for now. “Olivia’s style has changed a little bit and I think the audience won’t be surprised to see that she’s slightly more casual now that she doesn’t have her own company anymore and she’s outside the D.C. world. And especially when she transitions into Annalise Keating’s world, you’ll definitely see a different Olivia there,” she told us.

“Annalise was actually the more traditionally dressed in this instance because being a lawyer, she was the gladiator in a suit. Olivia was there as her fixer to help her to circumnavigate the situation that she’s in. And so it was interesting to see Olivia back as she was maybe before OPA [Olivia Pope & Associates] became so instrumental in electing Fitz,” Paolo said.

“It’s an interesting switch on the ladies, and it was fun because, you know, I do both shows anyway, but now we have both ladies on the set all the time,” Paolo added. Yup, she said all the time. Sounds like this is more than just a fleeting storyline.

Thanks to showrunner Shonda Rhimes, we also have a hint of the script from the first crossover episode, and Olivia definitely sounds like she’s in full fixer mode.

There’s no word yet when these crossover episodes will air since they’re still in the process of being filmed, but you can catch new episodes of Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder when they air Thursday, Jan. 18, on ABC.