Scandal Fashion Recap: See the Killer Looks from the Season 5 Finale

Scandal Fashion Recap LEAD - Olivia
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The season finale of Scandal had its fair share of OMG moments. For one, the candidates pick their vice presidential running mates, both of whom are equally shocking—Jake Ballard for Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus Beene for Frankie Vargas. Of course, what's a Shondaland show without a heavy dose of drama?

Another major aspect of the finale was Kerry Washington's character's frequent outfit changes. "Throughout the episode, we did different layering pieces for [Olivia Pope] depending on who she's with," costume designer Lyn Paolo tells InStyle. "Each of her costumes has to work at Pope & Associates, at the Oval office, and at home. She has so many changes and they're all transitional changes."

The red wrap coat she wears to see Fitz is by Hugo Boss (pictured above). "She wears the coat out and about in the world, but in the office, she takes it off," Paolo explains. "This outfit has to transition through so many worlds. She's at OPA trying to find a V.P. for Mellie and then she has to go to the White House."

Scandal Fashion Recap Slide 2 - Mellie & Olivia

Later at the Republican convention, Olivia's look compliments Mellie's. They are on the same team after all! "Olivia's in red, but it has to be plaid because Mellie is also in red in this scene," Paolo says of Olivia's tartan Vivienne Westwood jacket. "We don't usually do plaids on her, but we thought in this particular moment, it was perfect because it's red, white, and black, so it has the old Olivia mixed with the new Olivia."

Scandal Fashion Recap Slide 1 - Mellie

With the Vivenne Westwood jacket, Olivia also wears a Nordstrom tank, Giorgio Armani pants, Manolo Blahnik pumps, and her trusty Prada purse (this time in a custom shiny leather). Mellie wears a bright red Christian Dior blazer and skirt, a St. John shell, and Armani shoes.

That's a wrap on Scandal Season 5! Tune in next season for new episodes of the hit ABC drama, but until then, follow @LynPaolo and @ScandalABC on Twitter for more scoop on the show's fashion.

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