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Is Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) officially on #TeamMellie? It sure seems that way after last night's new episode of Scandal. Olivia officially takes on Senator Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) as a client to help her release a tell-all book in prep for her presidential run. As per usual, the two ladies fight and bicker over Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), but ultimately realize that they may in fact be on the same page.

Since the two spend the majority of the episode together, costume designer Lyn Paolo tried to maneuver around their wardrobe looks in a very conscientious way. "To have both of them in the same room has been an interesting challenge in telling their color story," Paolo tells InStyle. "Mellie is normally in prime colors and fuchsias, but this time, we totally changed it."

For this scene in Olivia's apartment, she wears a Ralph Lauren Black Label cardigan in fuchsia over a Ralph Lauren black top and AG Jeans. Not only is she in Mellie colors, but she's not in her usual La Perla when the boys come over. "We needed her to feel casual at home, but not quite in loungewear," Paolo says.

Mellie, on the other hand, wears a very "Olivia Pope" color in her gray Brooks Brothers sweater and Theory pants. "We flipped the colors," Paolo explains. "This relationship of building a president is just the beginning for them." Mellie does arrive at Olivia's apartment wearing a blue Max Mara coat, although the structure is more Olivia's style than her own.

Earlier in the episode, Olivia stuck with her new tradition of wearing bright colors, in an orange Fendi top with two stripes going down the side. Did you notice anything particular about that look? "There's a flash of white in her top, then black, then reddish orange," Paolo says. "It's about her transition. She's so much stronger this year, but there are touches of white to connect her to the old Olivia."

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