It’s a sad, sad day for all the Gladiators, aka Scandal fans, out there: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shonda Rhimes’s hit drama will end after Season 7. ABC is expected to announce at next week’s upfronts that the political drama’s next season will be its last.

While it’s definitely a shock for all of us who need Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) in our lives on the reg, it’s actually been Rhimes’s plan all along. Ahead of Season 4, Rhimes told THR that it wasn’t a “10-season or eight-season show.” Compare that to her medical drama Gray’s Anatomy’s 13-season run (and counting!).

“I’ve already decided when Scandal is ending,” she said. “I think there’s only so much Scandal you can tell satisfactorily. The Fitz-Liv thing can only be told so long and in such a way … I’ve already decided how long that is and what that’s going to be.”

But her envisioned ending might have changed since Donald Trump was elected president, according to an interview this year. “We had a destination, and I don’t know if that’s our destination anymore.”

Considering Olitz is finally back in action in this sixth season, here’s to hoping that a fairytale ending with them making jam in Vermont is still in the picture.

The clock is ticking, guys.