Bonne Bell
Credit: Facebook/ lipsmakers

The ‘90s brought us an abundance of the most fluorescent, glittery, and sickeningly sweet beauty products known to man. While we’ve left the cloying pear-scented body mists back in our middle school days, Bonne Bell’s products, most famously the Lip Smackers line, are still some of our staples. Nearly 90 years after it was founded, the brand announced on Friday that it will officially be closing its U.S operations (save for Asia, Europe, and Australia), by late March.

The news hit home to those of us who hoarded the seemingly endless varieties of lip balms (soda, Girl Scout, and Disney-themed flavors among them) since their debut in 1973. Hopefully, Bonne Bell will follow the lead of fellow cult favorite brands that downsized, later re-emerging with a vengeance, like Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer's new venture Smith & Cult. In honor of Bonne Bell's closing, here just are a few of the instances in which celebrities have waxed poetic on the brand to InStyle.

“I always have one in my bag---usually the mango or watermelon because I like tropical fruits.”-Emma Stone

Rachel Bilson prefers the Dr. Pepper shade saying it, "I've been using this since I was 13. It feels good on my lips and gives them a nice color. I love the smell too!"

Tori Spelling's beauty binge? “My Bonne Bell lip gloss. It comes in all flavors, but bubblegum is my favorite. It reminds me of being young, and I like girlie little things.”

When asked "What was your very first makeup moment?," Jordana Brewster said, “Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Watermelon and Mocha---so yummy!”

“I wore a lot of lip glosses in elementary school, including the Dr. Pepper-flavored one---God, I’m aging myself!”-Christina Applegate

"I actually try to find things that are insanely cheap and brilliant. My Bonne Bell lip gloss is about 75 cents at Sav-on, and I have worn it as my lipstick to almost every main event in Hollywood for the past two years." -Jennifer Love Hewitt