Save the Earth and Wear It Too

John Hardy

Gorgeous jewelry can be so hypnotizing that you forget about the things that are important to you. Like being green. All those years of recycling down the drain in one luxurious investment. Yet, there are companies out there like, the sustainable luxury brand John Hardy proving that one does not have to be sacrificed for the other. By choosing wisely your love of luxury and respect of the Earth can be celebrated at once. And with the release of their latest Bamboo Collection, John Hardy is proving that luxury and sustainability can be synonymous. “It’s who we are,” says John Hardy CEO Damien Dernoncourt. The almost 40 year old brand maintains a strong commitment to using sustainable materials like reclaimed silver and preserves a low impact and natural work environment for their artisans and employees that matches the Bali way of life. Trailblazers in their own right. Their beautiful everyday surroundings keep eco-consciousness at the forefront. “We’re not green for the sake of being green. We’re green because it’s the right thing to do for the people working for the company and the artisans with whom we are working with,” says Damien, “It’s about integrity.”

When you take a closer look at each handmade piece in the iconic Bamboo Collection the influence of the island is evident. And after seven years of working alongside the East Bali Poverty Project to plant 900,000 bamboo throughout the island of Bali--to put it in perspective that’s about half of Manhattan for you-- in honor of Earth Month John Hardy is going across the globe to continue their goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by donating 20% of sales for the month of April on the brand’s latest Bamboo Collection to support Trees New York. As with the Bamboo Project, the goal is to offset the carbon emissions associated with the company’s print advertising, travel and electricity usage. You can feel proud each time you put on a piece of John Hardy knowing that you are contributing to a greener tomorrow. And while they’ve perfected the art of creating luxurious jewelry that is eco-conscious they believe in sharing the wealth. “We don’t want to be the green company we want everybody to be green. We want to lead the pack and show by example,” says Dernoncourt. We’re all eyes.

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