J. Crew Save the Bees
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Here's some Earth Day news for you to buzz about—J. Crew has spearheaded a Save the Bees campaign through its Garments for Good initiative to support The Xerces Society, a non-profit organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates (read: bees and their fellow insects).

And why exactly? Because of climate change and habitat loss, bees are becoming endangered. Aside from the reduction of bee sting incidents, this is bad news for the environment, since bees pollinate about a third of everything we eat (that's roughly $15 billon worth of crops in the US alone). To help raise awareness, J. Crew has partnered up with fashion's favorite Insta-illustrator Donald "Drawbertson" Robertson to draw up some pretty sweet graphic crewcut tees.

J. Crew Save the Bees
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We were lucky enough to get a few minutes in with Drawbertson (he's busy as a bee—his words) to ask him about his drawings and his favorite thing about bees (you know, aside from their obvious strengths).

Why did you decide to collaborate with J. Crew on this campaign?"I love Jenna [Lyons] and Mickey [Drexler], so when they asked for help with a worthy cause, you have to squeeze it in! I'm a busy bee, har, har, but I managed to help out."

What do you love about bees?"I love stripes. One of my favorite paintings is just black-and-yellow gaffer tape stripes. Very bee!"

Is there anything you can tell us about your designs and the inspiration?"My mission was to help create BUZZ for the issue of bee extinction. A very worthy cause on a very cute T-shirt that J. Crew has whipped up."

And judging from Insta-snaps, it looks as though celebrities (and their kids!) are already fans.

Sarah Rafferty

The tees are available now for $30 at For more Save the Bees merch, playful bee-printed socks from Corgi and honeycomb-happy stationery from Sugar Paper are also up for grabs.