By Alicia Brunker
Jun 09, 2018 @ 2:30 pm

Princess Charlotte was well on her way to becoming the sassiest royal in the British monarchy, with her adorable waves to well-wishers after Prince Louis's birth and sticking her tongue out to a crowd of cameras outside Uncle Harry's wedding. That is until we met her older cousin Savannah Phillips on Saturday.

The three-year-old was dethroned by the Queen's eldest great-grandchild and daughter of Peter Phillips (Princess Anne's son) and Autumn Kelly at today's Trooping the Colour.


During the ceremony, Savannah made her presence known while pretending to conduct the orchestra and showing her excitement for the military airshow with a variety of facial expressions. However, nothing beats the moment she placed her hand over Prince George's mouth, as he sang along to "God Save the Queen." 

Samir Hussein/WireImage

She also shushed him during his fit of excitement when aircraft flew overhead. 


Realizing that the cameras were watching her discipline the future King of England, Savannah offered a deadpan stare depicting how unamused she was with the situation. So. Much. Sass. 

Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte was none the wiser to her cousin's antics, clapping with delight during the Queen's birthday parade. At one point, she did take a minor tumble on the balcony, but that didn't stop her from cutely waving to on-lookers, signaling she was alright. 

Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

While Savannah is currently fifteenth in line to the throne, she definitely has taken the crown for the cheekiest seven-year-old around.