SATC Insiders Name Sweetest Memories

Photo: Courtesy Entertainment Weekly

Our friends over at asked some of the creators and stars of mega-series Sex and The City to share some of their most unforgettable moments. Director Michael Patrick King recalled when the guys finally "got it": ''One night, we were filming the scene where Carrie and Aidan are breaking up around that big fountain at Columbus Circle. And a garbage truck went by, and the guy hung off and said, 'Hey, Carrie! Heeeeey! You're my girlfriend!' And that was when I realized it had gone past [just] the girls thinking 'I'm Carrie.''' As for Carrie herself, Sarah Jessica Parker remembered one of her favorite episodes. ''To this day, one of my most favorite scenes of the four of us... [is in ''Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys'']... starting off with two of us, then three of us, then four of us in a cab, picking each other up on the way somewhere, and how we dressed then and how we looked... I just loved that," she said. Check out all ten of the insiders' sweetest SATC memories now!

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