By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Sep 29, 2017 @ 11:45 am
Credit: Courtesy

After seeing the mass amounts of devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, it's easy to feel helpless. The storm left wreckage that was nothing short of catastrophic, so many people were affected, though providing a slight glimmer of hope, the world has rallied together to help. Beyoncé released a song which is donating proceeds to Puerto Rico and other affected Carribbean Islands. Pitbull is using his private jet to bring cancer patients to the U.S. mainland for chemotherapy treatment. Jay-Z and Fat Joe have launched the Tidal X mission to deliver supplies via cargo plane to Puerto Rico, and Cardi B is getting in on the movement as well.

Now, the beauty industry is getting involved. Sassy Lips, the brand behind your favorite color-changing flower lipstick, is giving back to hurricane relief with each purchase starting right now until October 20th.

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For each item sold, on the website, 30% will go toward the Global Giving organization, which aims to provide relief to Puerto Rico through food, clean water, fuel, and hygiene products among many other essentials. Global Giving hopes to also provide long-term solutions to Puerto Rico and impacted areas of the Caribbean. Sassy Lips will donate the proceeds directly to the organization.

The transformative power of lipstick is the real deal, and the fact that your favorite hue can help rebuild the damage is a truly beautiful thing.