Sarah Paulson Responded to People Saying She and Adele Look Alike

Fans pointed out their resemblance after Adele's latest Instagram posts. 

Sarah Paulson revealed how she feels about people thinking she and Adele look alike.

After the musician shared a photo of herself on her birthday last week, so many fans remarked on the resemblance between her and Paulson that Paulson found her own name trending on Twitter.

"I was on Twitter and I just happened to be scrolling through and it said Sarah Paulson is trending," she told Sirius XM's EW Live in a new interview. "I was like, 'Wait, what?'"

She then realized it was "the Adele thing again" and admitted it wasn't the first time she's been compared to the singer.

"Listen, I'll take it," she said. "I mean, what I wish they were comparing was my talent to her talent and saying that mine was as great as hers, which quite honestly they can't say because no one's talent is as great as hers, which is really irritating. But I'll take looking like her. Man, she's a beauty. So, sure. Great. Give it to me. I'll take it."

The Paulson/Adele comparisons date back to 2019, when the singer posted her first Instagram photo in months, just before Christmas.

Paulson also addressed the comparisons during an Instagram live session earlier this month, when she was told that Adele looked like her.

“I think the person who’s the most talented is the person that other person looks like," she said at the time. "She doesn’t look like me, if anything, I look like her. She’s Adele, she’s ADELE!”

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