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There’s a 20-year age difference between them, but Sarah Paiji, 29, and Jinhee Ahn Kim, 50, found common ground over their two favorite things: shopping and iPhones. After meeting at a Harvard reunion, the pair got together for coffee where they discussed developing a shopping app. Enter Snapette, an app that not only lets users in on the offerings available at the local boutiques they love, but also sends alerts for nearby sample sales—all in real time.

What’s the best deal you’ve ever scored thanks to Snapette?Sarah: An amazing wide-legged jumpsuit from Yigal Azrouel, one of my favorite designers, for just $60, originally over $1,000. I received a push notification on my phone from Snapette letting me know I was near a sample sale, so I swung by and scored a ton of great stuff.Jinhee: A Cut25 dress for $35 at their sample sale.

Who is your style muse?Sarah: Kate Moss. She mixes and moves between different styles so effortlessly. I love that she can go from sexy to boyish, minimalist to rock-and-roll, vintage to couture. Nicole Richie also does this well, and I think her style has become even more amazing and feminine after becoming a mother.Jinhee: Victoria Beckham. Clean silhouettes, no-fuss weekend wear. She’s always polished and classic.

What item of clothing are you planning on splurging on this season?Sarah: I love that oversize coats are back and I’m excited about swimming in a new blanket-like coat in a nice airy color like a powder blue or light gray from Celine or Proenza Schouler. Coats are most of what you see anyway in the winter, so I always tell myself it’s well worth the investment.Jinhee: Acne Pistol Boots. I’ve been looking at a lot of different booties and I tend to be much more classic. I don’t like to be too trendy and I don’t think these are. It’s not a motorcycle boot but it’s not fussy either.

What are your workday and weekend uniforms?Sarah: On days that I have no meetings you’ll see me in cut-off shorts, soft tanks or an easy, roomy dress. If I’m meeting with investors, I’ll do a clean sheath dress from Cut25 with a small fitted blazer from Helmut Lang. I love that I can wear sequin shorts, floral crop tops or a gold lame gown to work and it’s not just OK, but encouraged.Jinhee: Workday and weekend outfits merge into everyday wear. Cut 25 white t-shirts, dark jeans from J Brand or Forever 21. I also got a bunch of Uniqlo jeans in Tokyo. And they do free alterations! Then I’ll wear Chanel flats or Tracey Neuls black and white brogues. They’re more comfortable than wearing Nike sneakers.

You feel most creative when you’re wearing…Sarah: Crazy shoes, like my Giuseppe Zanotti cut-out booties. I like to think on my feet, literally pace the room, and I love a feeling of height. A cute manicure also does the trick since I spend so much time at my keyboard.Jinhee: Vintage Hermes scarves. I’m channeling Grace Kelly.

—Michelle Hainer

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