Who Stole Sarah Jessica Parker's Pumpkins?

"It is officially the Halloween heist of 2019."

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the lookout for thieves who stole pumpkins right off her doorstep just on the eve of Halloween, before the "beautiful" and "carefully chosen" pumpkins could even be carved.

The Sex and the City star shared a video on Instagram on Thursday, detailing what she joked was "the Halloween heist of 2019."

"APB out for our beautiful pumpkins, carefully chosen and lugged all the way home from the Berkshires in Massachusetts," she wrote in the caption. "Distinguishing features- round and orange. Various sizes. Not yet carved."

Parker's home, which she shares with husband Matthew Broderick, wasn't the only one target — she said that all the pumpkins on the block stolen.

"All of our pumpkins were stolen, as were all the other pumpkins on our block," she said in the video. "It is officially the Halloween heist of 2019. My husband stated, 'Decency is dead.' But we will salvage the intended carving. We will find last-minute pumpkins and we will hope this case does not remain cold."

Best of luck to the Parker-Broderick household — and the rest of the block — as the case continues.

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