Sarah Jessica Parker's New Role Is One She's Famously Played On TV

Sarah Jessica Parker
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For six seasons, Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw, a writer and columnist on Sex and the City, and now the star has taken on a writing gig in real life. The actress is acting as guest editor for Nordstrom's style blog The Thread, where she will chronicle her adventures as a first-time designer and bring the world her unique point of view on fashion.

Ready for inside access to Parker's style inspirations and creative process? Her first post made its debut this week , and the new designer dishes on what it was like living in New York City as a young girl, and how that experience has influenced her design aesthetic for her first shoe line. "I recall being a younger girl in New York City, arriving in 1978, say, and looking around, as many young girls do, at women who were older and more sophisticated. They seemed to be cosmopolitan; they seemed to have an air about them I was convinced I did not have but seemed possible to acquire after time spent in this sophisticated urban city," Parker writes. "Just people-watching while sitting on the crosstown bus that went across 59th Street—carefully observing who got on and off, what they wore and how they carried themselves—the one thing that stood out, and has stuck with with me, was the simplistic beauty of leather goods and shoes at that time."

With a key focus on the modern woman of today and a nod to inspirations of years past, Parker wants the style of the women she long ago admired to come through in the SJP collection. "You have to think about the modern woman of today, what her expectations are, and what you want to do as a designer and marry these ideas," Parker says. Look for the SJP Collection when it launches exclusively at Nordstrom stores and on February 28th, and read more about her design process on The Thread.

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