Sarah Jessica Parker Wears Pharrell-Designed "Happy" Sweatshirt

SJP In G-Star RAW for the Oceans
Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped out with her brood earlier this week in a G-Star Raw sweatshirt that's not only stamped with a quote from Pharrell—"Happy life. Happy human beings. Happy oceans"—but boasts a composition that includes Bionic Yarn, a material that contains recycled ocean plastic.

The sweater is just one of the 22-piece Pharrell Williams-curated Raw for the Oceans collection, an initiative that arms itself with the eco-friendly mission to "innovate retrieved ocean plastic into a new generation of denim and apparel."

"The planet is our home, and it’s very easy to get caught up in things we do every day, the things we concern ourselves," the artist said in his speech at the launch of the collection. "It’s very easy to forget that we live on the planet, and we actually need it—it’s the only one we have until we can sort Mars out. Until then, this planet is made of 75 to 85 percent water, just like we as a species are made of 75 to 85 percent water. Gotta take care of our bodies, literally. Ours, and the one that we live on."

Anything that's for a good cause and is Pharrell-approved, we can happily get on board with. "Wear the responsibility for big blue" and make waves with a statement-making Raw for the Oceans knit of your own for $170 at

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