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Sarah Jessica Parker is the new face of Jordache jeans, and there’s a reason why: She’s obsessed. “I wear jeans all the time,” she told us at the editor preview for the brand yesterday at Nomo Soho in New York City. “I am genuinely someone who is in jeans 60% to 70% of the week. It’s the nature of my life—I’m always running around, running after kids, and living in a city where you have to be places quickly and be on foot. It’s just a part of my uniform.”

And her uniform includes this iconic ‘80s label, which is why she agreed to front the campaigns for both the Jordache Look collection, available at for $89 to $149, and the Jordache Collection, available at Walmart starting at $16.44. The pair she wore during the preview were the Skinny Jeans ($15), part of the new lineup, available starting this week at

“I grew up with this brand being something that you covet and long for as a young girl,” she said, referring to when the brand hit a peak pop culture in the late ‘70s and ‘80s. Back then, the label was especially popular for its catchy commercial tune, “You’ve got the look, the Jordache look.” (See it here.) “I got my first pair of Jordache from someone else,” she continued. “I got their leftovers, their hand-me-downs. It was like being given a gold bouillon. It was such a big deal.”

Nowadays, Jordache is known for its celebrity campaigns, which have spotlighted Elizabeth Hurley and Heidi Klum in the past. SJP is thrilled to be a part of that elite list. “I was really completely flattered that they asked me to be a part of it,” Parker said. “Plus, Michael Thompson, the same person who photographed my first fragrance campaign, shot the pictures. It was so special, exciting, and fun.”

For the campaign, seen above, the images referenced the ‘70s and ‘80s, when the jeans were at maximum exposure. “I like this period that we’re evoking in this campaign, because it’s some really early important years, when I was on my own, taking care of myself, trying to make the money that I had work for me,” said Parker.

So, if she could go back and give her young SJP self some advice, what would she say? “Wear sunscreen more,” she said. “I’m kidding. As a parent of a child on the cusp of being a teenager, I can see what my words of wisdom mean to him—which is a whole lot of nothing,” she joked.

But she did leave us with one piece of guidance to tell the women who love her: “I’d just say to remember that all the mistakes and all the heartache and all the bad choices are somehow necessary.”