By Meghan Overdeep
Oct 07, 2016 @ 10:30 am

Leave it Andy Cohen to ask the questions we really want answers to. Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live and was grilled on the important things, like dating John F. Kennedy Jr., her Sex and the City boyfriends, and the probability of future installments for SATC and Hocus Pocus.

After discussing JFK Jr.'s exquisite hair—"it was like a paintbrush, do you know what I mean?"—and admitting that Jack Berger was her least favorite SATC boyfriend—"I thought that was one of those relationships that's meant to be good for you, like taking iron tablets or something"—Parker discussed the likelihood of a Sex and the City 3 and Hocus Pocus 2.

"I would love that," she said of a Hocus Pocus sequel. "I think we've all been pretty vocal about being very keen. But that hasn't created any groundswell of movement."

Next, a fan called in to inquire about the chances a third Sex and the City movie in the near future. To this, Parker offered him a coy metaphor.

"There's this old-fashioned thing called a warming drawer and it keeps the plates warm so that when you serve that main course, the food stays warm," she began. "So I have been saying it's in the warming drawer."

"That's a good metaphor," Cohen adds.

"Do you like that? That will keep everyone, you know, perplexed," Parker concluded with a smile.

Ah, the suspense!