Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Will "Stop at Nothing" for a Solid Instagram Shot

Photo: Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

If you think you obsess over getting just the right picture to post on Instagram, know that Sarah Jessica Parker can relate. The actress is a hardcore Insta fanatic, hustling all over the globe for the perfect photos to fit into that little square frame. “We will stop at nothing,” she told us over a chat in Las Vegas, where she was in Sin City promoting her new SJP capsule collection of shoes with Zappos Couture. “It brings out this peculiar side of my personality. It brings this bizarre boldness to the surface.”

She often surprises herself with her determination for creative Instas, like the time, she says, she sneaked out incognito in the middle of the night to line her shoes up along the street and on the porch of Carrie Bradshaw’s house from Sex and the City. Parker had no idea it would go viral, but ended up getting almost 75,000 likes.

“Instagram has brought out this blind ambition to the surface,” she said. “It’s like some kind of ferocious parent who’s trying to steer their child to the head of the class. You’re much more courageous because it feels outside yourself, like I wouldn’t do that for me. But the shoes, of course, it’s the shoes. We put shoes everywhere. We try not to deface any public property, though, but we do have a good time with it.”

So far, her boldest act has been snapping a few of her SJP collection shoes in the White House. “I would never try to sneak anything into the White House,” she said. “But we did! We brought in a bag of shoes! And it wasn’t just that we brought them in, it was where we put them and the photographs we took. We just wanted to get the pictures.”

She only joined the social photo-sharing site in November 2013, and already her @sarahjessicaparker account has amassed 1.3 million followers and her shoe line @SJPCollection shows up in 362,000 followers’ feeds. Her daring approach and personable captions even earned her InStyle's Social Media Award for Rookie of the Year in 2014. ("I have the award up in my office!" she said.) If you don’t follow her already, it’s worth starting now. If you do, SJP says to brace yourself for many more double tap-worthy pics.

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