15 Times Carrie Bradshaw Was Our Spirit Animal

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Sarah Jessica Parker Sex & The City - Lead 2016
Photo: James Devaney/WireImage

The last episode of Sex and the City may have aired more than 13 years ago, but the show's cultural legacy lives on in the hearts of any young gal juggling love and life in the big city.

Sarah Jessica Parker's portrayal of Manolo-loving, Cosmo-sipping heroine Carrie Bradshaw managed to be both relatable and aspirational (we're still trying to figure out how she swung that enviable wardrobe in her spacious one-bedroom Upper East Side pad). She showed us what it meant to be a girl boss (before #girlboss was a thing), loved hard, shopped harder, and surrounded herself with the type of ride-or-die girlfriends anyone trying to make it in New York would be grateful to have.

We've rounded up some of our favorite moments where Carrie was just like us.

VIDEO: Sarah Jessica Parker's Beauty Transformation

Us every morning.

La, la, la, I can't hear you.

When we're feeling ourselves … until we're not.

In that meeting.

When we're counting down the minutes to happy hour with the girls.

When you find a way to rationalize skipping SoulCycle.

When we manage to clear our closet enough to see the floor again …

… only to go shopping to replenish any holes we've made.

Please, show some respect.

If we're being honest here.

When your squad's got your back.

When only McD's fries will do.

When we articulate the type of love we want, the type of love we deserve.

Gurrrl, we feel you.

When nothing can come between you and your crew. #LYLAS

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