Sarah Jessica Parker Is Handling the Pandemic Just Like Carrie Bradshaw Would Have

I couldn't help but wonder, is quarantine the Sex and the City 3 plot we've been waiting for?

While we may never get a Sex and the City 3, Sarah Jessica Parker is making sure that Carrie Bradshaw's spirit lives on forever ... even in quarantine.

On Instagram, Parker posted a photo where she can be seen sitting on her New York City stoop wearing perfectly cuffed jeans, high-heels, SJP x Sunglass Hut glasses and a designer scarf (as a mask, of course). She was posing in the background of a selfie taken by her best friend, Andy Cohen. After seeing this photo, I couldn't help but wonder, isn't this exactly how Carrie would look during lockdown? And if that is the case, does this mean that Bradshaw was really just Parker the whole time?

Outside of projecting character traits onto the show's star, some fans have taken creating a quarantine version of SATC to a new level. In one viral Tik Tok video, Jake Workman played out how each character would act if they were stuck together in Miranda's Upper West Side apartment. It's so spot on that even Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha, said she loved it.

While there was a ton of drama surrounding any potential reunion for the show, perhaps coronavirus will make them go the way of other classic hits like Parks and Recreation and My So Called Life? A person can dream.

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