By Jennifer Merritt
May 06, 2016 @ 10:30 am

By now, most people know of Sarah Jessica Parker's childhood history of growing up on welfare. So it should come as no surprise that the 51-year-old took a moment set aside to honor her work as a mother of three as an opportunity to shine the spotlight on today's struggling moms.

Addressing a crowd at The Pierre hotel in New York City Thursday in a dress by Huishan Zhang and shoes from her own collection, the actress and producer began her acceptance speech for the National Mother's Day Committee's 38th annual Outstanding Mother Awards with a joke—"I in no way think this lovely gesture is based on merit"—before turning serious. 

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"When I began to ruminate about today, I kept thinking of all the millions and millions and millions of women—mothers—who don’t have the support I have; who don’t have the resources that allow for me to work with comfort and security outside the home; who, from day to day, don’t have reliable childcare; who live paycheck to paycheck … and who maybe, most importantly, don’t have the liberty I have to choose to work, never mind picking a job that excites them, or challenges them," she said. "And I thought most of all about their worries and their concerns, and then I understood that this was a moment to at the very least acknowledge them, to salute them." 

Earlier, she detailed some of her own worries as a mother. "I fear that I am impatient, exacting, and often on a set, in a meeting, or occupied on my Blackberry—yes, a Blackberry—when I should be picking up or dropping off at school, or making dinner, or depositing a child or even hosting a play date," she said. "I worry all the time about my children, and I’m always concerned about their well-being, and I try to find or create more time and just simply be better at this most exquisite gift of motherhood." 

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In addition to Parker, the event, which benefited Save the Children, also honored Louise Camuto, creative director of the Camuto Group; Joy Mangano, inventor and president of Ingenious Designs; and Nordstrom EVP and GMM of beauty Gemma Lionello.