By Jonathan Borge
Feb 01, 2016 @ 4:30 pm
Courtesy of Momentum Pictures

Sarah Jessica Parker may call New York City home, but the former Sex and the City star enjoys strolling in her Manolo Blahnik pumps outside of the Big Apple, too. For her latest film, All Roads Lead to Rome, the actress and shoe entrepreneur jetted off to Italy to shoot the romantic comedy, in which Parker lends her lovable charm for a coming-of-age tale of love and family.

So was this her first time in the Eternal City? “I had been to Rome only on one occasion, which was a very unusual occasion because it was the big Valentino anniversary and it was a sort of decadent, very otherworldly, alternate universe hosted by Valentino [Garavani] and Giancarlo [Giammetti],” she told InStyle of the trip, which she embarked on with husband Matthew Broderick and their three children.

“That was the first time that I went to the Vatican and saw the Pietà, which, really was sort of beyond description for me. I loved being in Rome, and having time there, and seeing all those museums, and all that culture and history, and the great food, and trying to speak a little bit of the language. We’d rent bicycles across the entire city to go hear the Pope speak and parked our bikes and had experiences like that, which I just think are fantastic.”

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And while Parker loved her time in Italy, it helped sparked a renewed sense of adventure in her. “I have great wanderlust and I love to travel,” she told us, explaining why Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Sweden are among her favorite countries to visit. Despite its economic and political turmoil, she loves Greece for its past: “I think probably because it provides both the ability to relax at the beautiful beaches and on the water, but also that there’s so much important history in Greece and in Turkey—and as an actor, to go and visit the first theater, and see it, and understand the acoustics. I love places that have an important history. I love cities.”

Her time spent shooting Sex and the City 2 in Morocco was unforgettable (“I thought it was thrilling and wonderfully foreign, and the culture, and the habits, and the religion of people was so interesting to me,” she said) along with visits to Asia and Moscow, where she enjoys “the food and the Bolshoi, and all the museums and the Kremlin.” As for her most recent travels? “We just went to Sweden and we fell in love with that country, so we’ll go back again as a family.”

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Watch the trailer for All Roads Lead to Rome above—and mark your calendars; the film hits theaters on Friday, Feb. 5.