By Kelsey Glein
Updated Apr 07, 2014 @ 5:30 pm
Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane von Furstenberg
Credit: Joe Schildhorn /

It doesn't get much better than powerful women and gorgeous fashion! Both were in abundance at the exclusive champagne cocktail party hosted by InStyle before the 5th Annual DVF Awards, which took place at the United Nations building in New York City on Friday. A picturesque view of the East River and multitudes of white orchids set the scene as attendees including Diane von Furstenberg herself, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys, Gloria Steinem, Chanel Iman, Estelle, and Leigh Lezark arrived to celebrate several extraordinary female leaders.

The radiant von Furstenberg's positive presence was felt throughout the room, as those who approached the CFDA president gushed about the fantastic job she's done with empowering women all over the world and bringing together such inspiring minds at one event.

"I think it’s a very rare opportunity to sit in a room with women whose paths might never have crossed and listen to them talk and learn about their lives and what they’re doing in countries far away and big cities that are forgotten," Parker (in DVF) told InStyle. "Their work is inspired and imaginative. It’s just a thrill that I get to be here. Tonight’s an opportunity to meet amazing women and just get to know one another. I want to spend all my time with them."

The DVF Awards honored six women who have made a difference through their life’s work and each were awarded $50,000 grants for their corresponding non-profits. This year Gloria Steinem, Alicia Keys, The Empowerment Plan founder Veronika Scott, Cameroon political leader Kah Walla, Israeli community organizer Liron Peleg-Hadomi, and Arab educator Noha Khatieb were honorees, each having transformed the lives of others in a unique way through their commitment, resources, and visibility.

"I feel so humble. I listen to all these women, and I feel like nothing compared to them!" said von Furstenberg . "I want the world to remember that women are part of the solution. The more we put women in power, the stronger the world will be."

As a fitting conclusion to the event, von Furstenberg raised her champagne flute to toast to Steinem's 80th birthday—which was March 25th—as everyone cheered and clapped.

With reporting by Brooke Mazurek and Sharon Clott