She called it a "quaranTINT."


Add another celebrity to the DIY dye crew. In a new Instagram post, Sarah Hyland showed off a bold magenta hair color and if her emoji use is any indication, the shade is an homage to The Little Mermaid.

The photo gallery shows Hyland's magenta-red strands lit by bright sunshine, giving her followers a look at the depth of the shade. "'I wanna be where the people are…’' #QuaranTINT crew," Hyland wrote alongside the photos, adding a mermaid emoji. She let everyone know that she played colorist, adding, "(I did this all by myself! Very proud.)"

Hyland's professional hairstylist, celeb-fave Riawna Capri, approved, commenting with "I fucking loveeeee you!" and adding smily emoji and hearts. She wasn't the only one, either, fans — including famous pals Vanessa Hudgens and Samara Weaving — added comments like "Werrrrrrrrlklkklkll" and "Gorge!!!!"

Hyland is the latest celebrity to take quarantine color into her own hands. She joins the illustrious ranks of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Hilary Duff, who have all opted for Technicolor shades to stave off the quarantine doldrums. Some, like Taylor Swift, have just added streaks to their hair, but others, Hyland included, tried their hands at all-over color. Looks like this summer is going to be very, very colorful — and it's just getting started.