Variety And Women In Film Annual Pre-Emmy Celebration
Credit: FilmMagic

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland may have seemed as cool as can be at the Variety and Women in Film annual pre-Emmys party, looking glam in Oscar de la Renta, but inside she was a mixture of "dread and excitement," she told InStyle.

Hyland was talking about her impending 25th birthday and though a quarter of a century certainly makes her no old miss, she confessed: "I'm excited to be 25, so that I have some clout behind the advice that I give to my friends because I'm usually the youngest. But it's pretty terrifying turning 25. I mean, the past six years since I started, almost seven years, geez, since I started Modern Family have just gone by so fast. I was 18 when I started the show, and Ariel [Winter] is turning 18 in January. And it makes me want to cry that my little sister is turning the age that I was when I met her."

Growing up onscreen has definitely made Hyland wise beyond her years though and she was keen to pass on her advice to those younger than her. "When I was a teenager, I thought everything was the end of the world," she said. Well, "it's not the end of the world," she added. "I hate to be cheesy, but it gets better. Don't take no for an answer. Be resilient and strong and passionate. And don't be scared to have your own opinion."