She's standing up for her sister.


On-screen siblings Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter aren't real-life sisters, but being TV sibs for more than a decade means that they won't stand for online trolls. After Winter wore a sheer dress to a Modern Family wrap party, critics came out of the woodwork, saying that the ensemble was "trashy." Hyland clapped right back, telling anyone who wanted to criticize the look to back up, only with slightly stronger language.

"I love these people with all my heart," Winter wrote on her post, which was a gallery that included other members of the cast, including on-screen brother Nolan Gould. "11 years together is proof [that] you and your TV sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made, and you’ll forever fight over the same professor. We’ll always be Dunphy’s and we’ll always have each other."

Sarah Hyland Ariel Winter Screen Actors Guild Awards
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

While their dresses weren't exactly the same, Winter and Hyland wore similar black dresses, though Winter's had an off-the-shoulder silhouette and was decidedly more revealing.

"Come on, girl. Why would you want to dress like that in front of a bunch of people who literally watched you grow into a young woman?" one commenter wrote on Winter's post. "It's weird."

"A little too revealing ... I'm sure every 20-something on here loves it but it’s too bikini-like for me," another added. "Lacks class. She's too pretty to settle for that look."

Hyland responded to the critics, saying that there was no place for that sort of negativity.

"That she's a sexy and confident woman," Hyland wrote. "Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the fuck up because I will not tolerate it."

Hyland didn't leave it there. She went on to comment on the positive comments, too, adding fire emoji and agreeing with followers who wanted to know where Winter got her dress so that they could get one of their own. Her fiancé, Wells Adams, commented, “You ladies both look [fire emoji] !!!" The sisters' Modern Family uncle Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s husband, Justin Mikita, wrote, "You both look hawt. holy shit mama!!!!!"