Sandra Bullock Birthday
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We couldn't be more excited for Sandra Bullock: People just announced that the Oscar winner landed the top spot for their 2015 World's Most Beautiful issue. Despite this being her first time snagging the magazine's coveted honor, Bullock is no stranger to serving as a cover girl. In fact, the Gravity actress has fronted a whopping six InStyle issues since her cover debut in 1996. To celebrate the star's newest title (on top of hardworking mom, lauded actress, and producer), we rounded up Bullock's most memorable quotes from her previous InStyle cover stories. Congrats, Sandy!

September 1996

Sandra Bullock - September 1996

This issue marked Bullock's first time serving as an InStyle cover star. In it, the Speed actress opened up about her career, upcoming projects, and what makes her the feel sexy. "I feel sexiest when you give me a dance floor, a great R&B tune, a partner I really click with, when I get sweaty and dance all night," she said. "That to me is the sexiest thing in the whole world, because dancing makes me feel free. At the end of every week I throw on a pair of jeans, take my hair down, and find someplace to just dance, even if it's by myself. That's my therapy."

May 1998

Sandra Bullock - May 1998

Leave it to the Hope Floats star to deliver a nugget of timeless wisdom. In her May cover story, Bullock shared her key to living life to the fullest. "The greatest weakness is thinking you know everything," she said. "I want to keep taking risks, to keep learning," said Bullock, citing her fantasy of one day opening up her own restaurant in Austin. "I'll be an old barmaid and have a great time and my son or my daughter will bartend on the weekends while he or she's working through college." Bullock is no barmaid, but has since accomplished her dream with the launch of her own bistro and bakery in 2006.

December 2000

Sandra Bullock - December 2000

During this time, Bullock had been grieving the loss of her mother, who passed away after a five-year battle with cancer. "Sometimes I feel like saying, 'Somebody just take care of me.' But I can bounce back with the best of them," she told us. And there's no doubt she took away an important lesson from the experience. "I still make mistakes. But I'm so glad I am who I am now rather than who I was five years ago. I'm becoming more self-aware. It's the wise factor."

April 2005

Sandra Bullock - April 2005

The Miss Congeniality star graced our April 2005 cover and opened up about her life as actress, producer, and philanthropist. The fun-loving star's secret desire? Simply learning to let go. "Once I stopped having a grand plan, everything got better," Bullock said (the notoriously private celeb was dating Monster Garage host Jesse James at the time of this interview). The star also turned 40 that year, but didn't pay the number much mind. "I wouldn't go backward if you paid me," she told us.

March 2007

Sandra Bullock - March 2007

When it comes to heartbreak, our March cover star is a huge proponent. In her cover story, the brunette beauty talks about her first big love, who in turn, broke her heart in high school. It was a wonderful eye-opener for Bullock. "I was like, I'm going to become hardened," she said. "I'll be the one to leave. It's amazing how it sort of shakes you. But it's good for you, a little heartache.

March 2009

Sandra Bullock - March 2009

Steering away from a feature story, Bullock's March cover included a Q&A from fans. The All About Steve star talked about her skincare regimen, how to build self-esteem, and a woman in history she would be thrilled to portray on the big screen. "I already did: Harper Lee [author of To Kill a Mockingbird] in Infamous," Bullock told us. "She was so fulfilling to play on every level. I'm really satisfied that I did it. She's my favorite."