Royal Thirst Traps Samuel and Arthur Chatto are the Shirtless Bros We Need Right Now

Royals may be social-media averse — Meghan Markle famously wiped her personal accounts clean before her wedding — but thankfully, Samuel, 22, and Arthur, 19, Chatto are all about the 'Gram. As the sons of Lady Sarah Chatto, the only daughter of Princess Margaret, they're probably not at the top of anyone's list of high-profile royals, but thanks to their feeds, we're all getting a look at what it's like to be vacationing like you're 24th and 25th in line for the crown.

Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle - Windsor Castle.
Pool/Max Mumby/Getty Images

Cosmopolitan reports that the Queen's grandnephews bid adieu to summer in Greece. While they didn't post all the pictures on their own Instagram accounts, some remedial sleuthing via Samuel's girlfriend, Sophie Pipe, unearthed a pair of royal six packs. A quick scroll shows plenty of photos of Pipe and Sam together, frolicking in azure waters, being pretty chummy, and basically giving everyone a serious case of travel envy.

Not every royal is so forthcoming, however. Arthur's girlfriend, Lizzie, keeps her page private. As for Arthur himself, he keeps his account focused on himself (and his physique), not his relationship.

Die-hard royal family watchers may recognize the two, since they were in attendance at Meghan and Harry's wedding earlier this year. And if you go back even further, you'll remember seeing Arthur as Queen Elizabeth's page boy.

Both bros currently attend he University of Edinburgh, though Arthur has some experience at Eton College's Combined Cadet Force, too, which could explain how the royal biceps and pecs stay in such great shape. Here's hoping these two don't have to clean up their Instagrams, because depriving the world of these important updates would be a royal shame.

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