Why the Samsung Galaxy View Should Be on Your Holiday Gift List

Samsung Galaxy - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

You know those times when you're catching up on your Netflix queue in bed and can't quite get your iPad propped just right against your pillow stand? Or when you're trying to follow along with a cooking video in the kitchen but your phone screen is way too small for the souffle to display properly? Meet the item that just might top your holiday wishlist: TheSamsung Galaxy View. With an 18.4 inch display, long lasting battery life, and a video-optimized interface, the just-launched device is like if your tablet and your flatscreen TV had a baby—that is, you can easily carry it with you from room to room, thanks to the built-in handle and stand.

And it gets even better: Samsung is partnering with major cable providers to allow you to select your provider and log in to your account to turn the device into a live TV viewer. It's also optimized for video streaming, Android apps, and features a 2.1 megapixel camera so you can supersize your Skype sessions on the wide screen. Available at Best Buy and major retailers, the Galaxy View will cost you $599, but the high-powered performance makes it worth adding to your Black Friday shopping list. Go ahead, start prepping your run list for that Thanksgiving weekend movie binge.

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