By Angela Salazar
Updated Feb 09, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
Samantha Bee
Credit: Jessica Miglio/ Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc.

If you’re still lamenting Jon Stewart’s Daily Show departure, and the rest of the late night boys club just ain’t doing it for ya, Samantha Bee is in your corner.

The Daily Show alum made a splashy debut on TBS last night with her whip-smart 30-minute spot—the perfect anecdote to a two-hour, Monday night Bachelor haze. (There’s no shame in watching both. We call that well-rounded.)

Full Frontal boasts the same brand of humor Bee honed during her Daily Show days—the kind that won her praise as one of Stewart’s most clutch correspondents. But she takes a fresh approach to the nightly news format by coming out from behind the desk to deliver a weekly stand-up bit (à la The Soup), interspersed with funny field videos that make even the mundane (Jeb Bush’s anti-climactic campaign stops) hilarious, while also pointing out their absurdities.

After all, slinging political satire is what Bee does best, and we're sure she’s quick to thank the stars for aligning and launching her show in an election year. You can be sure no one will be exempt from her on-point commentary this season: Bernie, Hillary, Ted, Donald, they're all on the table, and sprinkled with pop-culture panache (flashes of the bear attack scene in The Revenant play when Bee pokes fun at Marco Rubio’s role in the last Republican debate).

For women, Bee’s debut marks a breakthrough the male-dominated late night bubble (even though the show technically airs in prime time at 10:30 p.m., leading into Conan) and Bee happily embraces her girl-power role. Ad campaigns for the premiere boldly joke, “Watch or you’re sexist,” and Full Frontal opened with a sketch Q&A in which Bee said it took a little bit of magic for her to get the show, before donning a wicked costume and proclaiming, "It's true, we're all witches," but it was worth it. The in-your-face feminist jokes continued from there and Bee didn’t shy away from tackling touchy topics with brilliant wit. In one moment, Bee spoke directly to the camera, and to Kansas state senator Mitch Holmes, saying, “Your state’s got 99 problems but a b----- ain’t one.”

Yeah. We’re pretty certain you’ll be LOLing all night and quoting Bee the next morning.

Full Frontal airs Monday nights at 10:30 p.m. on TBS.