Sam Heughan
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

For the uninitiated, let us introduce you to Sam Heughan. He is one of the hottest actors you've probably have never heard of but definitely should. A relative newcomer, he currently stars as Jamie Fraser on Starz’s hit show Outlander, where he makes legions of women swoon week after week thanks to his undeniable handsome features and rock-hard abs. When he’s not stealing the hearts of the show’s fans on screen, he’s making them fall even more in love with him with his Instagram.

A proponent of selfies and shirtless photos, Heughan's account is filled with drool-worthy photos that are almost too hot to handle. In honor of Outlander's season finale, we’ve rounded up 15 of his hottest Instagrams. We present them to you here, in no particular order. You’re welcome.

1. We’re not sure what’s more stunning, his selfie, or the stunning Scottish vista.

2. If only the bike behind him was a tandem.

3. Wait, those awards aren’t for best man bun? What a shame.

4. Where was our invite to the picnic?

5. Getting sweaty for a good cause—just another day in his gorgeous life.

6. He’s got that rugged look down pat.

7. In unsurprising news, he looks good even with half of a shaved beard.

8. In our humble opinion, we think he looks best sans beard.

9. Keep taking “shameless” selfies, Sam.

10. Let's thank the fur around his hood for framing his beautiful face.

11. That beam of light is doing an excellent job of highlighting his chiseled cheekbones.

12. Proof that someone in this world looks good in a life vest and snorkel gear.

13. Rocks and mountains have nothing against Sam.

14. Another day, another Instagram of Sam looking sexy while hiking.

15. Our two favorite things: The beach and Sam.