By Jennifer Davis
Updated Jun 03, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Sam Claflin didn't take any shortcuts when it came to playing Will Traynor in Me Before You. The evidence? His Instagram account. Over the past 49 days, he's posted a photo a every day leading up to the film's release, sharing behind-the-scenes snaps with co-stars Emilia Clarke and Matthew Lewis, as well as on-set tidbits.

For his final post, Claflin revealed that he lost over 40 pounds to portray Will before the accident that left him paralyzed, and he did so with a very sexy shirtless pic. In the 'gram, Clalfin looks incredibly happy as he smiles for the photo on a cliff that we seem him jump off in the trailer.

"I had to get myself in peak physical condition to play Will before the accident, and that came along with at least one long and hard daily session in the gym and a very strict diet, with little sleep," he wrote alongside the 'gram. "I shed over 3 stone in the three months I was training, and honestly pushed my personal limits. I'm an actor. I do what I can to make each part I play as believable as I can. To play it honestly. And truthfully. And hope people invest within that character."

We can't wait to see him portray Will in Me Before You!