Salon Etiquette: What to Do When Your Stylist Won't Stop Pushing Product on You

Salon Etiquette Products – Lead
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Picking up products at the salon can be a funny thing—on one hand, you could discover a new staple you never knew your hair care routine needed, and on the other, it can be a little like walking into a real-life taping for HSN depending on how pushy your stylist can get. When faced with the later situation, we often end up taking home a product we didn't even need in the first place, or even worse, already have.

"You should never feel pressured to buy a product, first and foremost," says Richard Mannah, hairstylist and Label.M International Artistic Director. "The hairdresser should never pressure a client into buying a product, and I would say that we don't try to sell them, but that we try to recommend them." Still, when the idea of your stylist's commission comes into play, pangs of guilt can be a common feeling. But if that's the case, the motive usually becomes obvious. "If a client feels pressured, they should just say, 'I'll think about it, because I do have a lot of products at the moment, so maybe next time,'" he tells us. "Keep it really simple, and don't feel like you're breaking the hairdresser's heart if you don't buy what is recommended."

On the other hand, if you're interested in a product and want your stylist to give you the complete breakdown on how to use it, be sure to ask questions. "Whenever I'm cutting someone's hair, I always explain what the product is, why I'm using it, and most importantly, how to use it," he tells us. "Ask your stylist, 'Can you take me through step-by-step on how to recreate this? Because I love what you're doing.' Stroke a little ego, and they'll be happy to show you." As the saying goes, flattery will get you everywhere, including into the part of your hairstylist's mind where all those salon secrets are stored. Still, if you feel like you can't recreate the effect at home, or have a similar product on your bathroom counter, don't feel the need to take it with you. "Take what you need, don't take anything you don't need, and don't feel bad about it," Mannah adds, officially creating our new life motto to be used both in and out of the salon.

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